Netsemblage values customer independence above all others - and we do so in the broadest sense. Customers must be able to move freely - not just between providers, but platforms as well. Popular non-enterprise solutions like WordPress may allow for relatively easy migration to a new hosting provider, but moving to a new platform altogether is another story. Alternatives like Wix, Squarespace and others are even more restrictive - with migration often requiring an entire do-over. They offer convenience and relative ease of use at first glance, but vendor lock-in and hidden cost at closer inspection.

At Netsemblage we instead take a modular approach. Online presence should be a perfectly integrated experience for visitors - while a loosely coupled set of modules for owners.

Netsemblage offers a full range of services - we can deliver the whole package, take an advisory role, or assist one module at a time. We ensure that customers get off to the right start, preventing the many pitfalls that non-enterprise solutions will inevitably create down the road.

Having observed the tremendous waste of time, money, energy and resources surrounding the online world, we’ve decided to take action. Netsemblage brings enterprise technology to organisations of all sizes at small organisation prices. No PHP, Ruby, Python, Java or .NET - only performant, scalable and environmentally friendly native code.

We value the importance of design and user experience - but we value correct back-end choices even more. After all - it’s not the design that has the potential to cripple your organisation with hidden costs, scaling issues and a large carbon footprint. Full package, advisory or modular, bring your own design(er) or services - Netsemblage is flexible in the assembly of your net.

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