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Netsemblage offers a comprehensive range of cloud computing related services and consulting.

Cloud Computing is probably one of the most frequently misunderstood terms these days. Every product or service having the ‘cloud’ label attached to it is not exactly helping to clarify the concept.

In truth - Cloud Computing means two things:

  1. The same as it always has - which is to have servers in large specialised buildings all over the world that store and process data.

  2. A series of technologies that transform servers into a utility that can be used and paid for much like electricity, natural gas and water.

For consumers of cloud services this means:

  1. That data storage and processing - depending on the level of sensitivity or secrecy - requires careful consideration and planning for both legal and privacy related reasons.

  2. That companies and consumers alike can save considerable amounts of money - and that they can access technologies that have the potential to reduce a lot of unnecessary strain on the environment.

Modern Cloud Computing platforms are ‘elastic’ meaning they can expand and contract on demand, ensuring that no more servers are running than are absolutely necessary. The classic alternative to this is having a number of physical or virtual servers on standby - waiting to be utilised and manually activated or deactivated by engineers. All of which would need to be carefully planned and budgeted - with errors being inevitable.

Cloud Computing offers a host of specialised technologies that simplify accessing, maintaining and utilising servers. Your organisation’s website and application back-ends can achieve tremendous gains in efficiency and cost reduction if it is applied correctly, but there are pitfalls and hidden risks involved.

Netsemblage can help in a myriad of ways - from consulting, to setup, deployment and hosting. As an independent specialist, Netsemblage does not accept any incentives to favour one cloud provider over another - you simply get our expert advice. We’re only biased on one detail: we insist that your deployment will remain portable by avoiding deep integration with the unique offerings of a cloud provider. We want our customers to get the best possible value for their investments - retaining independence is a key factor in that.

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