Netsemblage offers website and application hosting as part of our comprehensive set of services, as well as offering consulting services on matters of hosting. To keep costs to a minimum or to simplify management, Netsemblage can host your organisation’s websites and applications on our cloud infrastructure.

In most cases however websites are best hosted on one of the main Git service providers, such as GitHub, Gitlab or Bitbucket. All of these services offer free static website hosting services with continuous integration - meaning the website pages will automatically be regenerated when content is updated. Another option is to host a private Git service such as Gitea on one of your application servers. Alternatively - Netsemblage can host your website, in case full management suits your organisation’s needs better.

When it comes to websites made by Netsemblage, hosting is far less important than content delivery, as the heavy lifting will be done by the delivery network. In this kind of setup the server that hosts the website is called the ‘origin server’ - as that will be the source of updates throughout the content delivery network. Content delivery is where things get far more interesting.

The hosting of web forms (i.e. contact forms) and back-end services (user login, e-commerce) are of course a different story. Netsemblage can host your organisation’s initial deployment on one of our Kubernetes clusters or help you set up your own on the cloud provider that best suits your needs.

Netsemblage is a fully independent service provider - meaning we don’t accept any incentives to choose one provider over another. Whether it’s Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr or even a cloud provider in China - Netsemblage can help.

Our recommended path for organisations with some technical aptitude in-house is to host websites on one of the main Git providers, have one of the main CDN providers provide content delivery and have back-end services made available on a managed Kubernetes service such as those available on every major cloud provider. In these cases Netsemblage takes an advisory role, helps with setup and configuration and hands over full control to the customer when everything is running smoothly.

Netsemblage can of course provide full management service or host services on our own infrastructure. We tend to do the latter only for small or initial deployments however - as it’s more cost-effective for customers to pay providers directly. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options. Always remember - Netsemblage is about empowering people: we’re just as willing to assist one person’s start-up as we are multinational corporations.

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