Project Management

Website and application projects are daunting. Setting and meeting realistic targets, careful budgeting and time management are but a few of the many pitfalls that await a project - regardless of its scope.

As Netsemblage takes a business and technology first approach - we are uniquely capable of managing projects. Our focus is on getting organisations off to a correct start - free of vendor lock-in and ready to scale to the international level.

Design agencies often offer full service packages - but more often than not they take an overly basic approach to relevant technologies. They will offer WordPress, Drupal, Magento or worse - their own proprietary solution that is based on the same technology that makes WordPress unsuitable in the first place.

These solutions do not scale - do not run efficiently and ultimately bring a crippling strain on both the company budget as well as the environment when the business starts to grow.

Let Netsemblage manage your project and we’ll ensure a foundation that is ready for the future, free of hidden costs and environmentally responsible. Whether your organisation wishes to bring in a single or a fleet of outside partners, Netsemblage will ensure your organisation gets the best out of each partner.

Netsemblage is entirely modular in its services - we don’t insist on full packages, or that we handle any specific part of the process. We’re open to working with anyone. Whether your organisation wishes to bring in its own design(s) or designers, its own infrastructure or that of a preferred partner - Netsemblage can help to coordinate the process and bring it to completion.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options.

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