App Development

At Netsemblage we believe flexibility is key. Our applications are stand-alone solutions that can be integrated with any platform. We understand that migrating to newer and better technologies is a daunting proposition.

Whatever your current platform may be, Netsemblage can migrate each feature separately, one step at a time. We can ensure a fluid transition without interruption, until your entire infrastructure is migrated to a network of individually controlled functions and applications. In the end you’ll be left with an array of features that are orchestrated automatically, where every feature can be replaced or altered at will. No vendor lock-in, no dependencies, built for high speed global availability.

We build on native code wherever possible, using Go and Rust. Our applications are designed to handle the largest workloads on the least amount of hardware. Read more about our back-end development here.

At the front-end our applications integrate seamlessly with both static and dynamic websites, with JavaScript functioning as the bridge. As we’re focused on efficiency, we do our best to avoid bloated frameworks, developing with plain JavaScript as much as possible. For larger more complicated applications we build with either Svelte or Vue.JS, the two leanest and most efficient JavaScript frameworks around.

From e-commerce to user engagement, online collaboration and beyond, Netsemblage has you covered. Netsemblage applications are built for growth and ready to scale to global, at local prices.

Mobile applications

We also offer mobile application development services based on web technologies, ensuring rapid and cost-effective deployment across all major mobile platforms. Building with Nativescript, Ionic or Capacitor allows us to strike the perfect balance between development time, maintenance cost and runtime performance.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options.

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