App Development

Web application development is one of Netsemblage’s key focus areas in our aim to bring enterprise solutions to organisations of all sizes. Using native code wherever possible - our applications are designed to do the biggest jobs on the least amount of hardware. Read more about our back-end development here.

Utilising native code at the back-end coupled with an easy migration path from embedded database to clustered database to globally distributed database - our applications are designed to scale at no extra charge. We strongly believe that it’s vital for organisations to be ready for the future - whether that future is global or local.

At the front-end our applications integrate seamlessly with static websites, where we use either vanilla JavaScript or Svelte depending on scope and scale. We generally believe it’s best to avoid dependencies wherever possible and will opt only for frameworks that are lean and minimalist should the situation call for it.

Mobile applications

Netsemblage also offers affordable mobile companion apps for our applications. We build on Nativescript, Ionic and Capacitor in most cases. If time is of the essence we’ll build on Svelte to speed up the process as it’s lean and efficient, but we’ll choose vanilla JavaScript any day should time be less of a factor.

For true native apps however we’ll refer you to our NAKARMA Team member Coduity as they are undeniably the best at squeezing the best performance out of any silicon.

For most apps however Nativescript, Ionic and Capacitor will do the job nicely and keep cost to a minimum - especially for apps that are essentially optimised interfaces for web applications.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options.

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