Back-End Development

With our strong focus on growth, cost reduction and sustainability, Netsemblage is the perfect partner for back-end development. Our solutions are designed to scale from single server to global distribution. We develop with mobility in mind, ensuring total freedom of choice in hosting and service providers at every stage, at every location.

We develop our solutions using Go(lang) and Rust, eliminating infrastructure complexity. No need for complex server configurations, run-time environments or other dependencies. Our solutions run on every architecture and every platform. Our solutions eliminate each and every bottleneck, ensuring the best performance per Watt of electricity as well as maximum server utilisation.

Our solutions scale with a minimum of cost and resources, to a maximum of serviced visitors per second. Low latency, global delivery all the way. From payment gateways and e-commerce to user engagement, online collaboration and beyond.

We develop hybrid- and micro services for each feature, migrating tasks to Functions as a Service wherever possible. We design for automated container orchestration, on globally distributed clusters, with globally distributed data in mind. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options.

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