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Netsemblage designs websites - No big sales pitch. We can deliver content driven websites such as this one, a repository like Wikipedia, the next YouTube, a 3D site that’s akin to a game, or a trendy website with big high definition pictures, animations and gimmicks.

The truth is that web design is the relatively easy part - it’s not as unique as most agencies would have you believe. It’s mostly a matter of conforming to current trends: trendy brand v corporate entity, consumer technology v industrial, artistic v conservative.

Not only that - but with so many great designers out there selling pre-made designs and templates, it really isn’t all that difficult any more to get an affordable website that looks professional. An engaging and fantastic 3D presentation will be more difficult and certainly more costly - but it’s all quite achievable with today’s tools, stock designs, footage and models. Even having every picture, video and 3D model custom made isn’t much of a problem these days - if you have the budget.

So we’re not going to try and sell you a story about how we are the most unique and special agency in the universe when it comes to web design. We’re certainly quite unique in our approach to development and back-end technology, but our approach to design is fairly straightforward.

We can design something very nice and appealing that matches the prevailing trends for each sector or industry. We can just as easily allow you to save money by letting you buy an off-the-shelf design and customising it for you. We can also approach a specific designer. Or we could go onto one of the crowd design sites together, find an upcoming talented graphic designer and let them do it. It’s all fine. Just as long as you don’t buy into the whole unique and (therefore worth a fortune) spiel. In most cases by far that pitch is complete nonsense.

True uniqueness comes from content and ‘angle’ - whether it’s marketing, a mission to save (or rule) the universe or just sharing some thoughts online. That’s the formula that will ultimately draw visitors and consequently continue to drive the design and tweaking of a website. That’s the way it really works. We’ve seen too many companies disappear down that money pit because they simply didn’t understand.

‘Crafting unique online experiences’ as so many agencies put it - starts with a concise strategy and scripted content and nowhere else - certainly not with a web design. Design should follow content and strategy, not the other way around. It’s really not that difficult to find a talented designer these days.

The team that really shines on formulating your strategy, marketing and content direction however is Scribitus - not us. Every written word on any either the NAKARMA website or that of a NAKARMA Team (including this one) was written by them. They’re masters at translating ideas into both strategy and the written word.

It’s best to start with a design that generally reflects your intentions - after which content creation, market feedback and business decisions will determine the way forward.

We would post links to our previous work in this section - but we’re still in the process of completing our own website. As the saying goes: The shoemaker’s shoes.. That said all of the NAKARMA Team websites should be completed and online in the coming weeks.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options.

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