Web Development

At Netsemblage we develop websites according to the JAMStack principle. This means publicly available pages (the bulk of any website) are generated ahead of time instead of being generated on-demand. This approach greatly improves security and performance, while significantly reducing cost and impact on the environment.

Another benefit is that content exists separately from its outlets. This allows websites and applications to be updated or changed at will while content stays unaffected. No need to migrate data to other platforms.

We design according to the principles of progressive enhancement, while taking a mobile-first approach in our web development projects. Our sites take an old handheld device as a baseline for development and add features and enhancements for newer devices and larger formfactors. This ensures a consistent experience for the largest possible audience and provides excellent support for assistive technologies as used by hearing- or visually impaired visitors.

We have a strong focus on efficiency, so we build the core of a website on straightforward HTML and CSS, using the HUGO web development framework. JavaScript has its place when developing applications, but the core of a website shouldn’t use JavaScript unnecessarily. Our sites work fine if JavaScript is turned off, only the transaction based segments are unavailable without it. This is in contrast to the approach taken by most wesbsites, which cease functioning entirely should JavaScript be unavailable.

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