Netsemblage develops according to the principles of progressive enhancement when designing websites and applications. We feel it’s important to make an effort to support backwards compatibility. As such we generally stay away from frameworks in order to better support older browsers and devices, as well as generally achieving higher performance in vanilla JavaScript.

For larger applications and mobile applications we do use Svelte and Vue.js, especially if time is a major factor. Svelte in particular meets our stringent demands as it does a lot of the heavy lifting ahead of time, saving on valuable resources at run-time.

We feel that a website must be as accessible and functional as possible, for users with older devices or browsers as well as privacy conscious users that disable JavaScript. We try stick to vanilla javascript for user interfaces and user experience, and use it to enhance better supported HTML and CSS features. If a visitor has JavaScript turned off, the website or application will still be functional as much as possible.

Our use of JavaScript is strictly client-side however, we do not endorse programming languages that are wasteful. Node.JS, PHP, Python, Ruby and others are simply not performant enough. We use Javascript for UI enhancement and client side rendering of content sourced from REST and GraphQL API’s, but we draw the line at any kind of heavy lifting.

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